Incomplete Commentary on Matthew (Opus Imperfectum), Vol. 1 (Ancient Christian Texts Series)

InterVarsity Press, 2010 Exploring how Christians from the past have interpreted and applied the Scriptures has been made much easier with Ancient Christian Texts, a series of neglected, ancient Christian commentaries translated into English.

The two volumes of the Incomplete Commentary on Matthew offer a translation of the ancient commentary on the book of Matthew. Written by an anonymous, 5th-century Christian, translated by James A. Kellerman, and edited by Thomas C. Oden and Gerald L. Bray, the commentary includes theological and devotional reflections on Matthew chapters 1–8, 10–13 and 19–25. This first volume covers Matthew 1–11. This accessible translation is recommended for anyone who is curious about how some of the earliest Christians understood the Bible. Small groups and individuals might consider using both this volume and a modern commentary on Matthew as they work through the text—comparing and contrasting how ancient and modern commentators approach Scripture.

Reviewed by James R. Hamrick