Shelf Life Book Review: Beginning with God

Heather M. Brooks

Beginning with God
The Good Book Company, 2010

If it’s sometimes difficult for us to concentrate long enough to have a meaningful Bible study, imagine how it must be for a child, particularly a preschooler. Since most kids would rather be playing, parents need a study tool to capture their attention.

When they created Beginning with God, Alison Mitchell and Jo Boddam Whetham had these difficulties in mind. Beginning with God is designed to work alongside The Beginner’s Bible, but can be used with most popular children’s bibles. It presents Bible reading as a multiple-course meal—offering an interactive-application approach: Appetizer: An activity to start the lesson.

The Main Course: The content of the lesson—including the reading, questions to ask afterward, and a prayer to pray with your child. Dessert: Stickers for play time that remind the child of the lesson content.

Snack Time: A conversation to have while “out and about.” Make It and Munch It: An activity, like a craft, that aims to help children apply the day’s lesson.

The book opens with advice to parents on how to use the volume. It is then divided into Old- and New-Testament story sections. A final section, entitled “Extras,” includes tips on how to pray with your children and how to discuss sin and forgiveness with them. It also includes a simple glossary of Bible terms and more opportunities for lesson application. The lesson applications are even perforated to make them more portable.

This Bible guide was designed to foster a love of God’s Word in children and, if used regularly, it can certainly accomplish this purpose.

Article courtesy of Bible Study Magazine published by Faithlife Corporation . Originally published in print, Vol. 2 No. 4