Shelf Life Book Review: The Letter to the Hebrews

Kyle Anderson

The Letter to the Hebrews
Eerdmans, 2010 (The Pillar New Testament Commentary Series)


In the introduction to his commentary, The Letter to the Hebrews, acclaimed New Testament scholar Peter O’Brien boldly asserts that Hebrews is one of the most difficult New Testament books for contemporary readers to understand. I tend to agree. I also affirm with O’Brien that Hebrews is a profitable challenge—a book that addresses both the doctrinal and ethical concerns of the early church. And with information about the intricate details of Hebrews, the reward is all the greater.

O’Brien’s volume is well-researched and balanced, and it doesn’t get entangled in the controversies that can come with such discoveries. O’Brien draws new Bible students into the historical context of Hebrews without overwhelming them with unnecessary information. But don’t let the accessibility fool you; even the expert has much to gain here.

Article courtesy of Bible Study Magazine published by Faithlife Corporation. Originally published in print, Vol. 2 No. 5