Shelf Life Book Review: Insights on Romans

Heather M. Brooks

Insights on Romans (Swindoll's New Testament Insight Series)
Zondervan, 2009

It’s 64 AD. A tent-maker and Pharisee-turned-apostle is writing a letter encouraging Roman Christians in their faith. Paul is writing what Charles R. Swindoll calls “the first systematic theology of the Christian faith,” “the believer’s constitution,” and “a manifesto of the new kingdom” (pg. 19).

Swindoll sets forth the theme and purpose of Romans. He writes that Romans has three objectives: 1) It sheds light on potentially confusing concepts, and reassures members of the Roman church that their understanding of the gospel was correct. 2) It praised their obedience and the authenticity of their faith. 3) It sought to enlist the church’s help in realizing Paul’s vision for the church.

Swindoll’s work is a verse-by-verse examination of Paul’s discussion of God’s wrath, grace, faithfulness, majesty, righteousness and community. Maps, charts and pictures illustrate Swindoll’s points, and personal anecdotes from his own journal bring insight to the subject matter. This volume supplies key terms in the original New Testament Greek. Endnotes at the conclusion of each chapter suggest titles for further reading.

Article courtesy of Bible Study Magazine published by Faithlife Corporation. Originally published in print, Vol. 2 No. 6