Sally Lloyd-Jones on Calling and Equipping

Sally Lloyd-Jones, best-selling author of The Jesus Storybook Bible, shared with us about her faith journey in the May-June '16 issue of Bible Study Magazine. In that conversation, she also shared a little bit about how her testimony equipped her for her calling:

I was born in Africa in Kampala, Uganda to young parents. I’m the oldest of four girls, and I was born in a missionary hospital. My parents became Christians about two years later through John Stott’s ministry. I, as a four year old, became a Christian, through my dad. He’d gone to this meeting where a missionary told a story about how wonderful it was that he’d led his daughter to the Lord. So my dad came home, and I was traipsing around in the garden with my friend Mark, and my dad said to me, “Darling would you like to invite Jesus into your heart?” and I said, “No, thank you,” and I trampled off.

I love telling that story because it shows you that children know that's an important decision to make. It was maybe six months later that I became a Christian. So from the very beginning of my life, I knew Jesus as my best friend—I feel very honored that that's how I began my journey. I look at it as God's equipping.

I used to think it was a disadvantage to become a Christian when you’re little, because then you don’t have this very dramatic testimony. You can’t say, “Well I used to be this sort of person, and these are the very terrible things I used to do.” I used to think if I had a story like that, then it would prove the transformative reality of Jesus Christ. But I’ve come to be very grateful for God's wisdom in getting me young. And now my calling is to reach that sort of child. So part of my equipping is to have known faith from a very young age, and to respect the child's ability to understand.

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