Shelf Life Book Review: For the Love of God's Word

Kelley Mathews

For the Love of God’s Word: An Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
Kregel Academic, 2015

In this new release, Andreas J. Köstenberger and Richard D. Patterson have successfully adapted and abridged their more scholarly Invitation to Biblical Interpretation. The volume introduces the concept of a “hermeneutical triad,” or the three most important elements of biblical interpretation. With careful study of a passage’s history, literature, and theology, readers of any persuasion—layperson to scholar—are assisted in reaching appropriate interpretations.

The authors break down each of the three major elements, spending two-thirds of the book on literature—addressing the roles of the canon, biblical literary genres, and original languages. They stress the importance of considering the biblical authors, the text itself, and the reader.

Each chapter begins with a clear list of objectives and a short outline and ends with summary statements, lists of key words, a practical assignment, and a short bibliography. This detailed organization of content will assist more casual learners, but even this abridged version should satisfy seminary students and other biblical scholars.

This review also appears in the June–August '16 issue of
Bible Study Magazine