Shelf Life Book Review: The Return of the Chaos Monsters

Matthew James Hamilton

The Return of the Chaos Monsters—and Other Backstories of the Bible
Eerdmans, 2012

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In this book Gregory Mobley offers the basic premise that “most of [the Bible’s] individual narratives are variations on seven basic stories, and that all seven of the stories are variations on a single theme: the dynamic interplay of order and chaos” (9). Each of these backstories—“Return of the Chaos Monsters,” “It’s Love that Makes the World Go ’Round,” “Poetic Justice,” “Anger Management,” “God Needs Us,” “The Blueprint” and “Conspiracy Theory”—corresponds with a section of the Old Testament: creation, the Torah, the Former Prophets, the Latter Prophets, the Psalms, Wisdom literature and Apocalyptic.

Mobley does an excellent job of weaving the stories of the Bible around the narrative thread of order and chaos using humor, allusions to modern literature and scholarly research. Anyone with an interest in the Old Testament—including scholars, pastors or laypeople—will benefit from this book. Although Mobley uses some technical language, he presents it in a way that makes it accessible to someone who has never studied the Old Testament.

Article courtesy of Bible Study Magazine published by Faithlife Corporation. Originally published in print, Vol. 5 No. 1