Shelf Life Book Review: The African Memory of Mark

Matthew M. Whitehead

The African Memory of Mark: Reassessing Early Church Tradition
IVP Academic, 2011

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“These pages intend to strike at the heart of the issue of what Africa has to offer world Christianity” (pg. 15). In this work, Thomas C. Oden reexamines the role of Mark within African tradition. He discusses the spread of Christianity in Africa and investigates the social memory of the Markan tradition, spanning nearly 2,000 years.

This book presents the memory of Mark according to African traditions. It includes ancient African narratives, news reporting and editorial writing—incorporating both research and opinion. Anyone who enjoys learning about narratives of redemptive history across the globe will benefit from it.

Article courtesy of Bible Study Magazine published by Faithlife Corporation. Originally published in print, Vol. 3 No. 6