Shelf Life Book Review: Inductive Bible Study

Stephen M. Vantassel

Inductive Bible Study: A Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Hermeneutics
Baker Academic, 2011

The inductive approach to studying the Bible involves reading like a detective—that is, identifying and evaluating the evidence before reaching a conclusion. In this book, David R. Bauer and Robert A. Traina provide a discussion of the methods and techniques used in the inductive study method.

Bauer and Traina introduce the theoretical foundations of the inductive approach before discussing the principles of reading and interpreting texts. They suggest that the process of applying Scripture to our lives involves two things: deciding on the significance of the passage for application and then judging how we should apply the passage’s teaching. The book ends with a discussion of the canonical perspective of interpreting the Bible (i.e. relating New Testament and Old Testament teaching).

Article courtesy of Bible Study Magazine published by Faithlife Corporation. Originally published in print, Vol. 3 No. 6