Shelf Life Book Review: Discovering Lectio Divina

Elliot Ritzema

Discovering Lectio Divina: Bringing Scripture into Ordinary Life
Intervarsity Press, 2012

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James C. Wilhoit and Evan B. Howard wrote this book to lead people into greater intimacy with God through the practice of lectio divina, or “divine reading.” Although the term might sound intimidating, the authors’ goal is to introduce and assist Christians in implementing this intentional, devotional reading of Scripture.

Lectio divina combines four approaches to the biblical text: reading, meditating, praying and contemplating. After discussing what the Bible is and what happens when Christians read it, the authors devote a chapter to each of these approaches: They describe the approach, offer suggestions for application, and provide examples from church history and their own lives. The book ends with a chapter on action, which is not part of lectio divina. However, the authors believe the process of lectio divina should culminate in obedience to the God who speaks through the text. This book is recommended for those who need an introduction (or refresher) to reading the Bible devotionally—not just as an ancient text or a source of doctrine, but as God’s communication to them.

Article courtesy of Bible Study Magazine published by Faithlife Corporation. Originally published in print, Vol. 5 No. 2