The Biggest Story

The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden

Crossway, 2015

This richly illustrated children’s book tells the metanarrative of the Bible in 10 short lessons. Written by pastor Kevin DeYoung, himself a father of six, and illustrated by Don Clark, the book skims major Old Testament stories on its journey to Jesus.

“Our kids can become acquainted with many Bible stories without ever grasping the Biggest Story that makes sense of all the others,” writes DeYoung.

With phrases easy enough for a toddler to understand yet deep enough for older children and adults to consider thoughtfully, DeYoung connects the biblical texts to God’s redemptive purpose. Readers journey from the garden of Eden where God promises a future “snake-crusher” (a redeemer), to the cross where our redemption is made, to the promise of a future garden on the new earth. Vivid and creative imagery complete this collectible book that families and children’s ministers will want on their shelves.