The Book of Zechariah (NICOT)

The Book of Zechariah (New International Commentary on the Old Testament)

Eerdmans, 2016

For almost 50 years, evangelical scholars and pastors have benefitted from the magisterial New International Commentary on the Old Testament. In this series, high-quality scholarship combine with a strong commitment to the reliability and authority of the biblical text. Mark J. Boda continues this noble tradition with his volume on Zechariah.

Boda’s work shines brightly in three areas: structure, historical context, and intertextuality. First, Boda carefully observes the internal clues and literary devices of Zechariah, grounding readers solidly within the book’s structure. Second, Boda situates each passage, and the whole book, within its historical setting, showing the post-exilic Jewish community struggling to maintain its identity as the people of Yahweh within the Persian Empire. Throughout, Boda shows the influence of the Torah and prophetic texts; Zechariah’s words receive detailed attention in light of their history of usage in other Hebrew Scriptures.

Boda aims his comments chiefly at academics who may have particular questions regarding historical and linguistic details. The commentary offers such extensive detail in its research—and less attention to the big picture (especially the New Testament)—that it is not well suited for readers seeking to simply understand or teach the main message of Zechariah.