By Joshua Cooley


When Trey Burton signed with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles as a rookie free agent in 2014, he could see divine fingerprints all over the deal. At the time, Burton, an undrafted multipurpose offensive player, was looking for both an NFL team and a spiritual home. He and his two younger brothers had grown up in a single-parent family after his father had left when he was two weeks old. Burton attended a Christian academy in grade school and professed faith in kindergarten, but as he got older, worldly temptations kept getting the best of him. He lacked spiritual fruit.

How can Christians strengthen their witness in the world? For John and Lisa Bevere, the answer lies in breaking away from distractions and living as God’s holy people.

Messenger International, founded by John and Lisa Bevere in 1990, began with the encouragement of a pastor and a Honda Civic that brought the family from church to church along the I-95 corridor. Since then, the Beveres’ ministry has grown under the umbrella mission statement of “developing uncompromising followers of Christ who transform our world.”

John and Lisa have collectively authored over 30 books, taught at churches and conferences all over the world, and developed a “rescue” arm of the ministry that partners with antitrafficking organizations. Bible Study Magazine
recently connected with the Beveres to discuss their latest books and the passion for ministry that continues to fuel their efforts.

What can C.S. Lewis teach us about reconciliation?” asked my friend Dr. Claudia May, a professor of reconciliation studies. Although I’ve studied Lewis’s writings for years, this wasn’t a question I’d ever considered. In an increasingly divided climate—politically, religiously, and otherwise—reconciliation is an unavoidable topic. As Christians, we are motivated to engage in the work of reconciliation because we pursue the reconciling One who still calls, “Follow me.” Christ’s work in our world makes reconciliation more timeless than timely (2 Cor 5:19).