By Jessi Strong

For Trevin Wax, teaching a congregation to read the Bible effectively goes beyond distilling information.

“Pastors are not ultimately seeking only to deliver information or practical application to people,” he says. “Those are both important, but our overall goal is to lead people to an encounter with God. Worship is the end result, and worship is what motivates us to mission.”

Bihar, India, is known as “the graveyard of missionaries.” A Hindu-majority northeastern state bordering Nepal, Bihar is known as the birthplace of Muslim kings, Sikh gurus, and a Hindu goddess; it’s home to the tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the fantastic visions that come to Ezekiel—cosmic wheels, clouds of glory, bones that spring to life, and a magnificent temple. But if we step back from this strange imagery and view the book as a whole, we can recognize how each vision fits into Ezekiel’s overall message.