By Jessi Strong

Elyse Fitzpatrick developed
a heart for ministry not because she had all the answers, but because she had a lot of questions.

As a young woman with only a passing acquaintance with Christianity, Fitzpatrick says, her life was a train wreck when she came to Christ. “I needed answers that would calm my own troubled heart. As a believer, as I saw how much help I needed, I began to see that there were a lot
of other women out there who needed the same kind
of help.”

All followers of Christ are called to forgive, but few are put to the test like Christians in war-torn countries. Ivan Rusyn, President of Ukranian Evangelical Theological Seminary, says his country’s prolonged conflict with Russia has given believers in Ukraine a new perspective.

Reading Job can be a tough slog. It’s a long book, with extended speeches and virtually no action; the poetic language can be hard to follow; and the philosophical discourse often feels repetitive. Understanding what’s behind the text may make it easier to track what’s going on. Here are four key features of the background of Job.