By Rebecca Van Noord

Throughout 50 years of ministry,
Luis Palau’s message has remained the same.

Decades have passed and his evangelism methods have changed, but he is still confident in the unchanging message of the cross and the power of the Spirit. He has preached at mass evangelism events in more than 75 countries, with over one million registered decisions for Christ. 

In the last week of his life, Jesus observed in his disciples an attitude toward prayer that would not do. Crossing from Bethany to Jerusalem, Jesus had cursed a fruitless fig tree to teach a lesson about the failure of the Jerusalem religious establishment.

Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin (Rom 11:1; Phil 3:5), and his parents gave him the name of the one ancient Benjamite king (Shaul). They may have chosen this name also because its Greek form (Saoul or Saoulos) sounded similar to his Roman name, Paulus.