By Rebecca Van Noord

A conversation with preacher and hip-hop artist Trip Lee

"How long O Lord, how long will you forget me? Forever? Forever?" The opening lyrics of "I Don't Know," from Trip Lee's latest mixtape, The Waiting Room, might sound familiar. Feeling burdened to write songs expressing lament, the hip-hop artist turned to the psalms for inspiration

Things are not the way they’re supposed to be. We live in a world filled with suffering and injustice, where the wicked often prosper and the righteous often languish. Scripture assumes this basic truth. Yet it doesn’t provide a clear and simple reason why this is so. Instead the Bible gives us rhythms and words of protest, prayer, and praise.

In the decades after Jesus’ death and resurrection, the Apostle Paul planted churches throughout the northeastern Mediterranean region. His missionary work led to countless Christian converts, and he experienced miraculous displays of God’s power. He also encountered stiff resistance at times, leading to imprisonments and beatings.
The narrative of Paul’s journeys is recorded in the book of Acts. In the July/August issue of Bible Study Magazine, we invited authors to explore each episode of Paul’s initial westward mission, from Syria to Cyprus to Galatia.