By Jessi Strong

For the women behind She Reads Truth, the Bible provides solid ground in a world that’s always shifting

Everything changes, from the weather to the political climate, from the ebb and flow of friendships to the rise and fall of the stock market. When catastrophe strikes, we realize how little—if any—control we have over our circumstances.

With a single word, Luke famously connects Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection with God’s deliverance of his people out of Egypt through the Red Sea: “Moses and Elijah ... appeared in glory and spoke of his exodus (Greek: ἔχοδυς; “departure”), which he was about to accomplish at Jerusalem” (Luke 9:31). 

When we turn to the Gospels, we find four distinct accounts of Jesus’ suffering—often called the Passion Narratives, from the Latin passio, meaning “suffering.”
To explore the christological significance of each Passion Narrative, we invited four scholars to reflect on the identity of Jesus as portrayed in each Gospel.